EchoStone Housing Systems maintains a sharp focus on sustainability. As such, our houses are constructed with a significantly reduced carbon footprint as compared to traditional construction and are designed for easy integration with a wide range of optional clean energy systems.

  1. Built-In Sustainability
    carbon reduction lifecycle

    The EchoStone Housing System incorporates many sustainability features as part of the basic structure, including:

    • Natural light and ventilation
    • Low “U” value for improved insulation
    • Low carbon footprint materials and techniques
  2. Reduced Carbon Footprint
    co2 graph
    carbon reduction pie chart

    The EchoStone Housing System construction process is eco-friendly and sustainable, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of housing construction as compared to traditional methods.


    • Locally sourced material and labor
    • Minimal amounts of materials required; coarse aggregate is removed from the concrete production process
    • Eco-friendly materials utilized

    CLC Production Process:

    • Direct and on-site
    • Reduces transportation and fossil fuels
    • Adheres to strict international sustainability standards


    • “Design with nature” approach to site and buildings
    • Reusable Formwork used to form slabs and walls
    • Finishes of houses are paint-ready and require no further insulation


    • Extended durability of CLC for longevity of structure
    • Risk reduction with use of CLC
    • Recyclable, non-toxic materials used in production of CLC
    • Reduced construction material waste
  3. Optional Sustainability Features

    The EchoStone Housing System easily integrates customized sustainability features at additional cost:
    Passive solar for hot water and energy production

    • LED lighting
    • Wind energy
    • Solar hot water system
    • Composting toilets
    • Green houses for onsite, food production
    • Solar PV panels with inverters
    • Grey water storage and reuse
    • Rainwater harvesting system
    • Landscaping to create comfortable microclimate, minimal external reflective paving