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Slab, walls, and roof are constructed in as little as five days*

The EchoStone construction process is standardized to enable rapid and scalable construction. EchoStone employs a unique process that utilizes on-site concrete production in conjunction with state-of-the-art Formwork to enable a full placement of slab and walls in three days. Formwork is then removed from the walls for cleaning and a roof is installed; once Formwork is clean, it is immediately set up at the next site. Each house is finished with a standardized kit, improving the pace of construction while maintaining consistent quality.

There are four distinct steps in the process:

  1. Site Plan and Prep

    Multiple construction sites prepared simultaneously

    The site planning and preparation process:
    • The EchoStone team performs sustainability assessment and develops plans to build with least environmental impact possible
    • Building sites are cleared and leveled
    • Reinforcement matting is laid into the slab Formwork
    • Concrete slab is poured, laser-leveled, and smoothed
  2. Form Installation
    Formwork Installation

    Forms installed by hand – no heavy equipment required

    Elements of Formwork installation:
    • Formwork is handset and weighs no more than 11kg, so no heavy lifting machines are required and job site safety is improved
    • Seven workers install complete formwork in two days
    • Electrical and plumbing prep work begins once forms are put in place
  3. Monolithic Pour
    formwork pour

    Ensures an integrated, durable, and weather-tight envelope

    CLC pouring process:
    • All pours are continuous and monolithic (not batch), and all houses are poured in a single day
    • Slab is poured in one hour, and walls are poured in two hours
    • CLC fully sets within a day, and Formwork is removed after 12 hours
    • Pipes for electrical and plumbing systems are embedded in the concrete for rapid finishing and installation of fixtures
  4. Finishing
    Building Finished work

    Finishing work begins immediately after formwork removed

    Elements of the finishing process:
    • All finishes designed for rapid and consistent installation
    • Roof is fitted in two days
    • Electrical and plumbing systems, doors, windows, flooring, and paint are standardized across houses
*house of 30-64 m2